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"Mẫu giáo"

Translation:The kindergarten

April 24, 2016



I put 'the nursery' and it was incorrect..?


They tend to skip a lot of synonyms, unfortunately. Just report it to them for inclusion.


Does nursery mean kindergarten somewhere in the world? Kindergarten in this case means the institution where children go to start their education and transition from home to school. Didn't know that meant nursery elsewhere. Actually didn't know nursery was used anywhere outside very posh homes, either.


Nursery in the UK is a word for a so called 'kindergarden' in the US.


Just nursery? Thought the school portion was a necessity (as in nursery school).

Sorry for the questions. Am generally always interested in differences in usage between countries that use the same language.


Oh, I understand now. Sorry, I've always traditionally called it just 'Nursery', the proper way to say it would be 'Nursery school' but British people often shorten it to 'Nursery'. We sometimes also call it play-group or pre-school, which is exactly the same thing.


In the US, preschool is more intense than nursery school. You could actually be tracing alphabet letters, while nursery school is more about interacting with other children and just singing the alphabet song. Kindergarten is actually now a required part of school in which reading and writing is learned. The curriculum all dropped down one year. So what I learned in 1st grade, they learn now in Kindergarten in California.


I am wondering what the difference is between "mẫu giáo" and "trường mầm non"? Is mẫu giáo an earlier stage of education than mầm non? Or do they have the same meaning but are used in a different way?


Trường mầm non = trường mẫu giáo = nhà trẻ = nhà giữ trẻ.

Source: https://vi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nh%C3%A0_tr%E1%BA%BB


so which ones are actually used? I only recall seeing mam non in HCMC but that could be because I don't pay that much attention to pre-schools


Trường mầm non and trường mẫu giáo are used the most. It really depends whether founders of a pre-school decide which name they want to use for it. Around my place, there are Mầm non HOA SEN (LOTUS) and Mẫu giáo HOA HỒNG (ROSE). Some small private kindergartens use Nhà trẻ for their name: Nhà trẻ KIM HOA (a person's name)


When I translated the page though, the English versions have different meanings. Nursery school and preschool in the USA is before Kindergarten. Day care provides the least learning although some do provide classes during the day while they take care of the children for people who work. Kindergarten is provided at the school site now and is required in many places. It is the last year before regular school. In California, they now learn to read and write and do arithmetic in Kindergarten when previously that didn't start until the following year. They do so much now that children who have not gone to preschool prior to Kindergarten actually have a hard time.


mẫu giáo= trường mầm non, don't diference


I have a hard time hearing the difference between mỗ and mẫu. is there a difference? or do I just need to memorize the spelling for this?


mổ http://forvo.com/word/m%E1%BB%95/#vi

mẫu http://forvo.com/word/m%E1%BA%ABu/#vi

I actually think the mẫu pronunciation isn't terribly good, but it's good enough to serve as a differentiator. The two words should sound different, so it might just be a case of needing to train your ear.


yeah, see those two recordings are clearly different. I pronounce them like that. Though even talking to various vietnamese here where I live, there seems to be notable variation on how some of the vowels are pronounced. For example, I have heard ngũ pronounced [ngũ] and [ngôũ] where there is a small o or ơ inserted before the vowel. Is this left over from the consonant ngờ ?


Yeah, I don't know where the pronunciation you're talking about comes from. The old capital or there-ish, I think? It's definitely a dialect thing, as opposed to just a random odd pronunciation. I pronounce it that way if I'm being particularly obnoxious, but I'm not sure where I picked it from.


yay for dialect variation.... :P . but i guess that is the same issue that somebody trying to learn english comes across when they meet british, canadian, northern and southern Americans and all those other unique variations they have in the USA.


I would pronounce ô as /o/ in Spanish (yo, como) and âu as /oʊ/ in American English (so, though).


:) that really depends on where in the US that american is from. But you gave phonetics so I can tell what you mean.


Sorry if I have confused you because I don't really know how to explain it with my poor English. ; ( You may watch some Youtube videos about how to pronounce Vietnamese consonants and vowels to get the idea. Cheers! ; )


Wiktionary says the words come from the chữ nôm "母教", which I suspect to be a calque of French's "école maternelle".



<mẫu giáo> means something like mother's nurture/mother's teaching


Tôi đã đi mẫu giáo


Kindergarten is a german word the english spelling is kindergarden

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