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  5. "Vâng, làm ơn."

"Vâng, làm ơn."

Translation:Yes, please.

April 24, 2016



Ơn is from Chinese 恩 ēn ‘favour’.


Is vâng part of polite and/or formal speech or is that more of a northern word? Can you say dạ instead?


Vâng is more of a Northern thing. The South uses Dạ. If you're speaking to a much older person you use dạ thưa.


Both "vâng" and "dạ" are formal form of "yes" in Vietnamese. "Vâng" is used commonly in North dialect and "dạ" is used commonly in Central and Southern dialect.


If the both words are formal, then what word is informal for "Yes"?


Informal forms of "yes" are ừ, ờ, ừa, ừm, ờm, etc. Only use these words with people who are at around your age and you know them very well. I bet you don't want a spank on the bottom by your parents, right?! :)


Thank you so much for your reply! So many informal variants, and all sound practically the same! Anyway, it's better to know them :)


You're very much welcome! There are still many other variants of "yes" because we do have lots of different regional accents along the S-shaped country. However, just stick with the formal words (and some of the other informal ones if you like). Hope you guys enjoy the course and our beautiful but complicated language as well :)


Từ “yes" suy ra nhiều n

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