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  5. "Bygda ligger her i nærheten."

"Bygda ligger her i nærheten."

Translation:The village is in this area.

April 24, 2016



Could i say ""Bygda ligger her i dette området as well ?


what is the difference between a village and a town. I use those words interchangeably in english


A village is generally considered to be smaller than a town.

"En bygd" is just a scattering of houses, usually connected to farming activity, and will have no defined town centre with a main street. One of the things that defines it is its lack of urban features.

The translations we've chosen to accept for this is "village", "hamlet", and "small town".


"The village is nearby " or "the village is not far from here" sounds more natural in English


But this sentence works as well.


I said 'the village is near here' and that's accepted


Could området be used instead of nærheten?


Yes, though that would make the sentence more ambiguous.


it sounds like there is a vowel change in the "er" between "ligger" and "her". am i hearing things?


Well, you're hearing things, but not things that aren't here.

The "e" in "ligger" sounds like a true "e", while the "e" in "her" is pronounced more like an "æ". This reflects actual usage.


well, i guess i still need to tune my ears to bokmål!


Is there any difference between 'bygda' and 'landsby'?


There's a clear tendency of using "bygd" for contemporary Norwegian villages, and "landsby" for villages in other countries or in historical times.


Could I change this around to make it into a question? So, for example, if I wanted to ask if the bar was nearby, would I say 'Ligger baren her i nærheten?'

If I was asking if there was a shop in the area (while I was elsewhere), området would be more correct, right?


Why is "in this neighborhood" not accepted? Isn't that the same as saying "in this area"?


Not sure but this might be why: if you use "in this neighborhood" for this example, then you would be doing that the village is inside itself :D


Because, in this case, you'd be farthing the village is inside itself?


The previous exercise (for me) was "Jeg bor i nærheten", and I answered "I live in this area", which was marked wrong. The correct answer was "I live nearby". But in this exercise, the translation is "in this area". So it seems that the addition of the word "her" makes it "in this area"...? (That's the only difference I can see). That is, "i nærheten" is "nearby", while "her i nærheten" is "in this area". Am I right, or is something else going on here?


The word "her" is left out of the translation, i.e. it seems that you could also say in English "The village is here in this area". Could I also leave it out of the Norwegian? Could I say "Bygda ligger i nærheten"? Or is there something in the Norwegian that requires the use of "her"? (Like maybe "her i nærheten" is a fixed expression).


Is the "i" always connected to "nærheten"? For example, if you wanted to ask simply, "Nearby?" (meaning "Is it nearby?"), would you say, "i nærheten?"?

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