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Not enough time on Timed Practice?

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This is just my opinion based on my experiences, but I feel as though the thirty seconds allocated at the start of Timed Practice is insufficient to really help with my learning. I completed the French skill tree long ago and have encountered the sentences several times, yet I find it a struggle to finish a whole session in Timed Practice.

I find myself rushing through answers simply to try and claw back some time after a few lazy mistakes and finish the session feeling as though I learned very little.

It is also very frustrating having to translate long, complex sentences with very little time remaining, where simple errors constitute a wrong answer.

For this reason I prefer to practice without a timer, yet this obviously reduces the number of points I can earn.

An increase in time to 45 seconds or even to a minute would probably give everyone enough time to really consider each answer properly while still testing our ability to translate quickly and keeping the 'game' element.

What do you guys think? Do you think the current allocation of 30 seconds is enough or would you prefer to start each session with more time?

4 years ago


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I think it's about right. Having completed the Italian tree, I can now finish the timed practices in the early skills with plenty of time to spare; in some of the higher skills (I'm looking at you, passato remoto), timed practice still clobbers me mercilessly, which tells me I have more work to do there.

I feel that the tight time limits have really been useful, especially for my conversation: two seconds groping for a word or a case ending when speaking feels like an eternity, and timed practice has been excellent for learning to think on my feet.

It's worth remembering that Duolingo are very active in monitoring user behaviour and adapting the system accordingly. I assume that if only a small proportion of people were getting through timed practice, the time would be lengthened. In a sense it has, since harder questions now generate more bonus time.

By the way, while an untimed practice gives you fewer points, it at least comes with the possibility of a full-heart lingot bonus, which isn't the case for timed practice (or at least wasn't the last time I got 20/20).

4 years ago


I agree

4 years ago

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I totally agree. As you move down the tree, the sentences become longer and longer and it becomes more and more difficult to finish a timed session before you run out of time. I think the time you get timed practice should scale with the number of words you have leaned and should increase as you move down the tree.

4 years ago