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Learn German the Ray Charles way

I'm going with this as it's the best interpretation I can come up with after being asked to translate the English sentence "I have a woman." into German.

February 22, 2012



I have come across a few sentences that I had to look back over my shoulder while typing out, afraid to see if anyone behind me saw what I typed.


My preliminary impression is that the English sentences have been written by German speakers; I am guessing teachers of German courses for Americans. Their English is generally good, but it should still be reviewed by an educated native English speaker.


Yeah, I was hoping the developers would see this and fix it but I'm still getting "I have a woman." and "I have a man." as sentences to translate. Maybe I'll get it wrong on purpose so I can send feedback to them or post an insight about this again with a "Yo! Developers!" in the title.


My favorite was "the bear is eating a cheese sandwich"


Funny, but certainly acceptable in the home country of Lewis Carroll

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