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  5. "Dawel nos"

"Dawel nos"

Translation:Silent night

April 24, 2016



Why is this "dawel nos" and not "nos dawel"?


Poetic licence, I think - It is from the Christmas carol of the same name, where Dawel Nos usually has both words capitalised. The mutation tawel -> dawel here has a cause beyond the scope of this course, I suspect - there is nothing explicit in front of dawel to cause the mutation.

You are right, though, nos dawel 'a quiet/silent night' would be the usual word order and mutation.


Diolch yn fawr. Thanks for a clear explanation.


why not "a quiet night"?


It is specific to the carol 'Silent Night', and an unusual construction - 'poetic licence', if you will.

Stick with 'nos dawel' for 'a quiet night', and stick with responding 'silent night' if the sentence comes up again in Duo.


Can't this also mean "A silent night"?


See the previous point. This is from a particular Christmas carol, not something used in day-to-day Welsh.


Thank you. For some reason hnigro's comment wasn't shown when I posted the comment yesterday, so I thought you were replying to j.m.campbell's question.

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