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  5. "Một người phụ nữ nổi tiếng"

"Một người phụ nữ nổi tiếng"

Translation:A famous woman

April 24, 2016



My answer is identical to the correct answer yet it was noted as wrong


Tại sao woman lại đứng sau famous nhỉ


If there were a period at the end, would this be "A woman is famous"?


This sentence can mean both things.


What a cruel suggestion. I cannot access that lesson. What we know thus far is that an adjective can essentially be used as a predicate without the need for any copula verb. When that happens, the order of the sentence is simply subject followed by adjective. That is what we have here, although when a noun is followed by an adjective, it may also simply be modifying the adjective and not making a statement as a predicate. So, please, either tell me yes, it can be a sentence with the addition of a period, or no, it would require some other structure. Or simply ignore the question.

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