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"Tôi uống nước bằng cái ly đó."

Translation:I drink water with that cup.

April 24, 2016



Whats the difference between bằng and với?


In this sentence, or any scenario that signifies you do something with "something - being an object", bằng and với should be accepted. Please use the report button if your answer does not match our database.


So, if "ly" means both glass and cup (but not mug), does it not also mean the material glass? One of the pictures looked like it was just indicating the material.


Cup can also be "tách" or "cúp". The latter is more so used when referring to a trophy cup. E.g. cúp vàng = the golden (trophy) cup.

Glass, as in the material, is "kính/kiếng" or "pha lê".


No it does not mean the material glass. I'll check the picture again.


Thanks. It looked to me like it was crackly purple glass, but I really was not sure what it was supposed to represent at the time.

  • Cái ca thì có gì là sai T_T


Duolingo editors:

just go through the damn program and update to accept all the common, normal versions of a translation.

"I drink water using that glass" this needs to be correct here... half of the things marked wrong are not because the user made a mistake, but because duolingo does not know the normal ways to translate things

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