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  5. "The bee and the coffee"

"The bee and the coffee"

Translation:Con ong và cà phê

April 24, 2016



Would it correct to say "con ong và cái cà phê"?


No, it wouldn't. We don't use classifiers with mass noun like coffee, water, etc.


Adam Sandler, something that could have been brought to my attention yesterday

Haha, I kid. Thanks for the tip!


To add to the answer, this nouns can receive classifiers when they are in specific amounts: "một ly cà phê" (a cup of coffee), "chai nước đó" (that bottle of water), etc.

This classifiers are really nouns, that turn into classifiers. For example, you say "cái ly" to speak about the cup, but you don't say "cái ly cà phê" because ly acts as classifier (we are not really talking about the cup, but about the coffee inside).


That sounds reasonable--though perhaps the English could be rendered without the definite article?


Coffee is uncountable. You wouldn't say the coffees in English either.

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