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"Cái bánh táo"

Translation:The apple pie

April 24, 2016



Is there a way one could say apple cake? Apple cake is not overly common (in the US, at least), but I could see difficulty with lemon pie and lemon cake or chocolate pie and chocolate cake, for instance.

April 24, 2016


Yes. Cái bánh kem táo. Bánh kem = cream cake. Bánh kem táo = An apple (cream) cake.

The word "bánh" is fairly generic and encompasses all kinds of sweet and savoury cakes, biscuits, cookies, pies, pastries, breads and other snacks.

E.g. Bánh kem = cream cake, bánh mì = bread, bánh mặn = savoury snacks, bánh ngọt = sweet snacks, bánh kẹo = snacks, bánh pie = pie. There are all kinds of Vietnamese bánhs like bánh da lợn/heo = "cow skin cake", bánh in = "print/seal cake" and bánh xèo = "sizzling cake/crêpe/pancake".


So, is "bánh" a classifier or does it just look like one?

Can we have two classifiers in a row? Maybe "Cái bánh táo" is an example of that.


I think we had banh alone meaning cake or, as here, pie, while banh mi means bread. Now, what mi alone means, I could not say.


Mì refers to bột mì = wheat flour.

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