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Vocabulary list

Is there anywhere a vocabulary list, from what words I've already learned? Maybe I did just miss something.

Edit: solved :)

June 9, 2012



A vocabulary list is a great idea. I am also interested if this is available.


I actually think, duolingo would make people learn much quicker if it had an SRS-style vocab trainer (think Anki) of all the words that users learn by doing exercises or translating sentences.


Very much wish there were a vocabulary list. Vocab lists / glossaries are major pedagogical tools shown time and again to significantly positively impact learning. The lack of this tool means that I have to repeat lessons of which I know 90% just in the hopes of a chance encounter with one of the words I'm looking for. I can always go search the web for it but it should be self contained - a running list of words the student has already encountered.


I haven't seen this anywhere, but it would be very convenient.


I keep changing my mind, but a vocab list can't hurt I guess...


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If the lessons consistently used all of the vocabulary then this would be less necessary. But they do not, they rehash the same vocabulary over and over while some terms that have been introduced barely show up again in later lessons, if ever.


na...You can get vocabulary list everywhere, but if the program give you a list, then you have less incentive to memories hard during the session, cuz you would think you can learn the list later. I like the program the way it is.


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