"Kwiecień, maj, czerwiec"

Translation:April, May, June

April 25, 2016



What's about May that makes people leave it the same as in other languages? Turkish „mayıs“, Polish „maj“... :)

April 25, 2016


maybe because it's the shortest month (3 letters) so people want to keep it simple

April 25, 2016


the only reason i remember may out of all of the months is because of the Golec uOrkiestra song "Młody Maj" XD

June 23, 2016


Just remember that their language or pronunciation may be non-standard as they're górale (people from the mountains). Haven't listened to them for a long time, so I don't really remember the way they sing.

June 24, 2016


People from the mountains talk differently? Is it like how people from the American south have an accent?

August 27, 2017


Polish is generally a quite homogenous language, there isn't much difference between what is spoken in most parts of the country.

But apart from Polish, you have also Silesian and Kashubian, and in the south all kinds of subdialects that are called (an umbrella term) "gwara góralska" (highlanders subdialect?) That of course includes 'accent', but there are a lot more differences, mostly in vocabulary. I don't really have much knowledge about it.

I believe that most of people speaking such dialects* should be able to switch to more or less standard Polish, though.

*Well, Kashubian is considered a language, but there's no agreement about Silesian among the linguists.

August 28, 2017


I hate it when the polish word sounds/looks like czech word, but means something else. Like, Kwiecień means April and Květen means May :D

February 19, 2018


When did polish loose "trawen" ? It is the old slavic name of May.

May 12, 2018


I have a Latin-Gernan-Polish dictionary from the early 16c. and it is already maj (may) there.

May 13, 2018
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