"Słyszysz psa."

Translation:You hear the dog.

April 25, 2016

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Another example of the intimidating spelling of Polish.


It's perfectly correct, it's among the accepted answers, should have worked.


Is this how "psa" is pronounced?



this is how it is pronounced. Duolingo's TTS says it wrong, but there is nothing the Polish team can do about it.


Actually, I was definitely not a fan of Phonology during my studies (especially not the phonology of Polish), but I don't think anything will persuade me that the P sound vanishes magically from the word "psa" in Polish, like in your Forvo link (same seems to happen there with "psy"). It's not English with its psy, pseudo and all such words.

Google Translate seems to be surprisingly better in this case - just listen to that.


I definitelly hear P in both, but then I'm Polish so I may be more tuned to this kind of thing.

Did you study Polish ? that is amazing, I am going to link all the weird questions to you, as I am just a native speaker who stopped learning grammar when I was 15.


Well thanks, that's really nice to read, but I am quite 100% Polish ;) And a student of English Philology, that's why I had phonology, including English-Polish contrastive phonology. Hated it though and was never good at it.

That's a real surprise that we hear this forvo link THAT differently... but then I just learned during a class at my other major, Transport (so it can be relevant here!) how differently humans can hear sounds, so it can happen even in such a specific context of one single word. Weird.


I'm a Portuguese speaker and I hear the P clearly, I don't understand why some aren't getting the P, both are the same to me, the only thing that I notice is that duolingo's voice has a bit more stress in the A but only it


Oddly, I heard the "p" in both, but came to the comments because of Duolingo's pssssss-sa.


Ok, thank you!


It's pronounced exactly how you see it, the audio is really off in some weird way.


do you hear a dog ?

he sounded like asking a question a little


Don't trust the intonation of the TTS audio, it's often quite bad.


Why does the voice say "ps" and then "a"? Sounds a bit weird.


Not just a bit, it's very weird. The female voice's pronunciation of "psa" is the single worst pronunciation problem in this entire course.

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