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Dealing with positive comments about Esperanto

Today I went to speak to a group - a small theater company getting ready to put on a play. Since the play contains a small number of lines in Esperanto, I was there to coach the actors on correct pronunciation.

I went in assuming that everybody would know what Esperanto was, but these were not people of the normal "Esperanto" demographic or from related groups that I'm used to dealing with. These were community theater folks - so I was expecting "outgoing, but more or less normal." :-)

When I had given a brief personal history of my involvement with Esperanto (I wanted to leave them with the thought that Esperanto is a real thing, even if we enjoy laughing along with the rest of the audience as the butt of an occasional joke), one of the actors said something along the lines of: "so, if people are learning Esperanto and using it in the ways you described, would it be fair to say that Esperanto actually was successful?"

Occasionally people really do "get it." It's very reassuring.

Oh, and in spite of a few typos in the script, they were doing very well with their Esperanto. I'm looking forward to the show.


Edit: It's The Language Archive, Rochester NY. May 27 28 Jun 2, 3, and 4. I'll probably be there June 3. Tickets at muccc.org

April 25, 2016



How lovely! I don't suppose there's any chance the play will be filmed and, say, put on YouTube?


It's called The Language Archive. I found clips and segments of various productions online. Looks like a good show. Maybe there's a group in your city - or plan a trip to Rochester. I'll edit the OP to include the dates.


Super cool! Thanks for sharing!


By way of an update: my family and a guest went to the performance last night and I was blown away. I'm seeing that this show was recently performed or will be performed soon by many different companies around the USA. (Anybody in Tuscon?). If your local production was half as good as the one I went to last night, you should definitely check it out. One more show in Rochester (tonight) if you can make it. (Come visit me, if you do.) :-)


When you know the time and date of performances, certainly feel free to post it on here (and in the facebook group) to let us know more details! :)

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