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  5. "I buy a computer or a book."

"I buy a computer or a book."

Translation:Tôi mua một cái máy tính hoặc một quyển sách.

April 25, 2016



Is hoặc not replaceable with hay?


Hay is subtly different. If you're asking a question you would use "hay".

E.g "Tôi nên mua x hay y?" = Should I buy x or y?

Listing options (not as a question), you can use both.

E.g. "Cái này hoặc cái đó" = This or that ... "Cái này hay cái đó" = This or that <-- This can also be a question.


They can be interchangeable. But in questions, you should use "hay" instead of "hoặc" :)


'hay' is what linguists call 'exclusive or'. It means 'this or that but not both'. In contrast, 'hoạc' is inclusive, that is, it means 'this or that or both.'


Tôi mua một máy tính hoặc một quyển sách. Thiếu từ cái cũng bị sai nữa


Nên đúng, phải không? Nếu k có 'cái'?


The struggle is real... (you better go for a book tho... chắc chắn là rẻ hợn)


What is the difference between cuốn vs quyển?


Is máy not a classifier for engines/maschine?? (Seems not, because cái is required) But it doesn't feel right... Can someone explain?


word in selection list missing


Why is the identifier CAI not used again with the book?


In my understanding is máy a classifier for engines and devices and cái a kind of super identifier, sometimes used with other classifiers not as a noun classifier, but to emphasize its number or its specificity (meaning a/this very/single one, like in our sentence here?). So you would not need to use it twice. Some máy compounds:

máy tính (computer), máy điện thoại (phone), máy ảnh (camera), máy di động (cellphone), máy giặt (washer, washing machine), máy bay (airplane), thang máy (elevator), xe máy (motorcycle)

Still waiting for a good native's confirmation though...

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