^^ Irregular Verbs ^^

Hello guys , during studying Portuguese i always conjugate the irregular verbs as the regular ones and end up with a complete non sense .. so .. does anyone here have a list of irregular verbs to memorize them .. for example .. irregular verbs in present ... irregular verbs in the past etc ..

Thank you !!

April 25, 2016


Check out It's like online flashcards. A set of flashcards is called a "course" on Memrise. I found a course on Memrise for irregular Portuguese conjugations in the present and preterite.

Here's an example: Prompt: "I give (present tense DAR)" Answer: "eu dou"

Also check out hackingportuguese. It's a website about resources for learning Portuguese.

April 26, 2016

This is regarded as the core set of irregular verbs in many Portuguese courses:

CABER (to fit), CRER (to believe), DAR (to give), DIZER (to say), ESTAR (to be), FAZER (to do), HAVER (there to be), IR (to go), LER (to read), MEDIR (to measure), OUVIR (to hear), PEDIR (to ask for), PERDER (to lose), PODER (to be able), PÔR (to put), QUERER (to want), RIR (to laugh), SABER (to know), SER (to be), TER (to have), TRAZER (to bring), VALER (to be worth), VER (to see), VIR (to come).

I give some hints on conjugating verbs (both regular and irregular) here:

For example, SABER is irregular, but applying the regular rules to SAIBER will produce the correct conjugations for some tenses, applying them to SOUBER will give some others, and most of the rest are found by applying the regular rules to SABER itself. So, by memorizing just two extra words you gain the ability to conjugate most tenses. You should be able to spot which conjugations come from which stems in this table:

The equivalent words for VER are VEJER and VIR. That means many conjugations of VER regarded as irregular are actually the regular conjugations of another verb in the list above: VIR! (A useful fact to remember.) See:

Although the meanings of the verbs are given in German (nothing a dictionary can't sort out), this is still a handy booklet of conjugation tables:

April 25, 2016

Great method!

April 25, 2016

This is the only thing I ever used to learn the conjugations in Spanish (apart from glancing over the charts to see what the general patterns were and learning them by osmosis by reading a lot and listening to a lot of things) It took almost no time and they do Portuguese and German too :) .

April 30, 2016
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