"Children have a plastic box."

Translation:Dzieci mają plastikowe pudełko.

April 25, 2016

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I'm not convinced but the English sentence here. It just doesn't sound right to me. Its mixing plural with singular. I think it either needs definite article 'the children' at the beginning or box needs to be pluralised 'boxes' depending on what answer it is trying to provoke. 'The children have a plastic box' or 'children have plastic boxes' [Unless this is just a fragment of a sentence of course]


True, they should be some specific children. Added "The" at the beginning of the default English sentence.


"dzieci mają plastikowe pudło" should be accepted


It is still not accepted.


Hmmm. Right now, this exact sentence "Children have a plastic box" doesn't exist in the Incubator, it's "The children have a plastic box". Which has "pudło" among the answers. So I think you shouldn't even get this discussion page, it turned into a ghost sentence...

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