"Do you have an idea?"

Translation:Czy masz jakiś pomysł?

April 25, 2016

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This seems to be a new sentence... I think 'jakiś' has not been introduced at this point of the course so far.


same with me. Until now I always translated jakiś as somehow, but here it seems to rather mean any.


Jakiś isn't part of this course and this exercise is a technial side-effect of PL4EN and EN4PL being interconnected.

Jakiś and forms thereof mean 'some/any kind of', while 'somehow' is jakoś.


Wow, some kind of parallel duoverse...


There has to be some kind of 'rule' / guide on the adding of 'po'. Myśl / pomyśl? What is the difference and how should I understand how and when to use each?


verb "myśl" is appropriate for present 'thinking' eg. On myśli o swojej żonie. -- verb "pomyśl" is appropriate for future 'thinking' eg. Ja pomyślę nad rozwiązaniem. --


bug: no audio for jakiś (amdroid app)


The word "jakiś" (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jaki%C5%9B) is not taught in this course, therefore it can't have audio. You see this answer, because the English for Polish speakers course translates their "Do you have an idea?" question to "Czy masz jakiś pomysł?", and our courses are connected.

I agree that "jakiś" makes the sentence more natural, although technically it isn't translated into English. I think the best idea here is to remove this sentence as problematic. I created "Mam pomysł!" instead.


If I click on the button at the top of this page, there is an audio for the whole sentence!

I don't see any problems here...


Huh. Yeah, it's there... it's surprising :o I don't know at what stage that audio was created and how...

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