"Where is the signature?"

Translation:Gdzie jest podpis?

April 25, 2016

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So literally "under the writing"?


In a way... I mean, 'pis' doesn't mean anything on its own, but the 'pod' part definitely seems to come from 'under'.


OK, I thought the original sentence was a play on words, you if you asked someone to sign a statement could you say podpisz podpis?


That would mean "sign the signature" which doesn't make sense to me, because you usually sign a document or a letter but not the signature itself:

  • Podpisz dokument.
  • Podpisz list.
  • Podpisz pocztówkę.

If you want to use the noun "signature", it must take the instrumental case, which denotes the means of an action:

  • Podpisz podpisem = sign with a signature.

Although grammatically and semantically correct, this sentence by itself is a total pleonasm, because the noun is completely redundant. It's only really permissible to use this construction if you're talking about a specific type of signature, so there's a good reason it needs to be mentioned twice:

  • Podpisz podpisem kwalifikowanym - Sign with a secure digital signature.
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