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  5. "Dewi Lingo biau'r tŷ."

"Dewi Lingo biau'r tŷ."

Translation:Dewi Lingo owns the house.

April 25, 2016



Why isn't this 'Mae Dewi Lingo yn biau'r tÿ' ?


biau is actually a (very irregular) verb in its own right, just as prynodd or gwnaiff are, not a verb-noun, so mae ..... yn is not required. biau is normally only used in emphatic sentences:

  • Siân brynodd gar newydd - Siân bought a new car
  • Dewi wnaiff ein cinio heddiw - Dewi will make our lunch today
  • Dewi biau'r car newydd 'na - Dewi owns that new car
  • Chi biau gar/car newydd hefyd - You own a new car, too. (The object of biau is not always mutated for some reason - another exceptional thing about it)


Once again, many thanks for your comprehensive answer!

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