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  5. "Hvad er sand ondskab?"

"Hvad er sand ondskab?"

Translation:What is true malice?

April 25, 2016



In a religious context, would this not be "what is true evil"?


It is also accepted


My first guess was, "What is sand malice?" ....Good question!, I thought— what IS sand malice, anyway? Never heard of it!

sigh.... I suppose that's because it isn't a thing; in this context, "sand" = "true"... but this sentence will help me remember the word/distinction for future lessons and exposures in the wild. :-)


Oh how I miss the male voice on this page. The one on my program now speaks way too fast and you barely here the "er". I wish there was a way to report it to someone who would do something about it.


This is a really weird sentence in English. Strange use of weird.

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