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"May I have a cup of coffee? Yes."

Translation:Ga i baned o goffi? Cewch.

April 25, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Can one use cwpan for cup here and if so, how would you say the sentence?


    paned/panad is derived from cwpanaid (cupful). You would not normally hear *cwpan o de/goffi.

    Another word used for 'cupful' is disglaid, from dysgl (bowl, cup), which is more often heard in south-east Wales.

    Similarly, for 'a glass of water' you would use gwydriad/glasiad o ddŵr rather than *gwydr/glas o ddŵr.

    The -aid endings in these words are usually pronounced as /-ed/, /-ad/ or similar, and sometimes written like that in informal writing.

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