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  5. "He said something else."

"He said something else."

Translation:On powiedział coś innego.

April 25, 2016



You can also say »On coś innego powiedział« if you want to highlight the »something else« and not »he said«. It's both right, so I lost a heart in the lesson, only because I know you can change the position in the sentence if you'd like to highlight something. Thanks a lot! ;)


You're welcome?

Well, yes, you can say that. But you can say a lot of things if you decide to highlight different things. But we have to try to keep to the most natural, most neutral word orders. If almost everything gets accepted, then the learners will have no way of knowing what is the natural way of talking and what is 'possible'.


When do you have to use < odpowiedzał > ?


"Odpowiedział" means "he replied".

I don't know if that's what you actually wanted to know, but ask if you are still unsure about something.


if I understand correctly , you have to use it when you said something as a response to , and you use < powiedział >

when it comes to a man who said something as it were a communication. ?


mmmm not really, powiedzieć means "to say" it's just the perfect verb of "mówić".


Now you are putting the pronoun object at the end


"innego" is an adjective.

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