"Jaki jest twój rozmiar?"

Translation:What is your size?

April 25, 2016



Are we talking about hat sizes and the like here?

December 11, 2016


Of course.

Actually, I don't think the Polish sentence could be used in a sexual way, it wouldn't seem natural to me.

December 13, 2016


Where did the sexual come from? I meant "hat size" (or shoe size etc) as opposed to the size of my entire body.

Having said that I appreciate the knowledge that this doesn't work in a sort of "Carry On" innuendo sense.

March 11, 2017


Mind you, there's always the Renault Clio ad


May 28, 2017


"Rozmiar" in general refers to dimensions but also to magnitude, so in theory it could be used with a sexual context, however indeed the secondary meaning seems to be further detached in Polish than in English.

"Rozmiar" has a specific meaning when it refers to a normalised system of fitting, clothing, hats, shoes (though we commonly say "numer buta", literally "shoe number"), rings (jewellery) etc. Since there is no common normalised system for penis size, the connotation is not as straightforward as in English.

February 2, 2017


That was a bit of a freudian leap of the imagination, wan't it?

May 28, 2017


I've been observing Euhan1's comments for some time. It seemed like a logical conclusion, and I still think this was actually the hidden meaning ;)

May 28, 2017


"what size are you?" - possible?

October 23, 2018
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