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  5. "Zostaniemy przyjaciółmi?"

"Zostaniemy przyjaciółmi?"

Translation:Will we be friends?

April 25, 2016



remain doesn't fit?

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It's okay. Zostać can mean both to be(come) and to stay/remain.

Thus, if you want to use "zostaniemy" in the sense of remaining friends, you would be beter off with "pozostaniemy", which means exclusively "to remain" and thus removes the unnecessary ambiguity.


so what is the not definitive form of that?


Could you explain this further? Because "to become" and "to remain" are opposites and it is quite wierd that a language uses the same word for both. Also upon researching on google I could only find "to remain" as a translation. Is there a way to solve this ambiguity? Thank you a lot in advance :)


Zostać is ambiguous but the usage is mostly „to become” but deducing the meaning is rather simple.

  • „Zostańmy tutaj” - let us remain here.
  • „Zostańmy przyjaciółmi” - let us become friends.
  • „Za rok zostanę członkiem klubu”. - In a year I'll be a member of the club.
  • „Zostanę z tobą, choćby nie wiadomo co” - I will stay with you, no matter what happens.
  • „Został z tyłu” - He stayed behind (the group)
  • „W wieku 19 lat został studentem” - When he was 19 he became a student.
  • „W wieku 19 lat został z matką, zamiast wyjechać za granicę” - When he was 19 he (decided to) stay with his mother, instead of going abroad.

Pozostać - is mutation of „zostać” underlines „remaining”. Also there is another construction to express become: „stać się”


Why not "shall"?


Added "Shall we be/become friends?".


Why is become not among the choices? The closest choice is be.


"Will we become friends" and "Will we be friends" are the starred answers, and actually 'become' is in the default ENG->PL translation exercise.

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