"This is a dog."

Translation:To jest pies.

April 25, 2016

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Should't we use the instrumental case after 'jest' (i.e., "to jest psem" instead of "to jest pies")?


See the answer for an almost identical question here.


Oh, right. Thanks, Jellei.


No problem, happy to help :)


It doesnt load for me. Please can you explain ?


I looked at the link, and it only partially answered my question. Are you saying that the following would be correct ways to say this? "To psem." "To jest pies." i "On jest psem." ... Because the last example uses "jest" but not the "to jest" exception. And the first example uses simply "to."

PS. Yes, I know that "On jest psem," is not the same translation exactly. I'm just trying to get a feel for these different constructions of what would use a linking verb in English.


It should be „To pies”.

The "exception" mentioned is that you would normally use the instrumental after „jest-” (that's the verb „być”, for those who already know about the unique present tense form). But paired with „to”, it uses the nominative instead.

Earlier in the course you learned that when „to” is translated as English "be", then you would use the nominative form. But you should keep in mind that „to” is not actually a verb. Polish just has some shortcuts that allow you in some situations to not use a verb.


Okay, thank you. That answers my question. Yes, I believe I meant to put "To pies." Oops.


I cant open that with the Android app. Is it normal?


Unfortunately yes. It seems that the Android app doesn't let you open links where the link text has been changed, perhaps because it's not easy to preview where the link will take you before you're already on your way there.

Try this plain-text link: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15115874


Why do we use to jest when pies is masculine? Ten pies?


Apart from being the neuter version of "this", "To" is also used every time when you have: This is/That is/It is/These are/Those are.

EDIT: Almost every time, not when "It is" is used for sentences like "It is raining" or "It is warm here", which do not really have a subject.


I can't open the link, but i have the same question: shouldn't it be "psem" here?


No, it shouldn't. We use nominative after „to jest”/„to są”.

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