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  5. "Ele não conta."

"Ele não conta."

Translation:He does not count.

January 17, 2014



Count as in numbers or count as in matter?


It is related to numbers. But actually I'd translate it as "he will not tell"


ele não conta = he is not included / he doesn't count / he doesn't tell


In English "he doesn't count" would usually mean something similar to "he isn't relevant to this discussion." For example: "No one likes my poetry. My mom does, but she doesn't count because she's my mom." The implication is that a person or thing might technically be part of a certain group, but they wouldn't be counted (if one were counting the members of said group) because they're not relevant.

That idiom is more difficult to explain than I thought. Anyway, I really just wanted to ask: is the word "contar" used this way in Portuguese?


[11/06/15] Yes, it is. This word has three different meaning in portuguese.


Conta - count but does cantar mean sing as in Spanish?


yes. He does not sing = ele não canta.


Cantar - to sing in Spanish. Contar- to count or to tell in Spanish Hope that solves your question.


contar means count in Spanish as it seems to in Portuguese.


I also wrote he will not tell - contar as in to tell somebody something. Without context to a quantity value - I would not have guessed "counted"

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Could "It does not count" be a correct answer?

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