"Podaję ci talerz."

Translation:I am passing the plate to you.

April 25, 2016

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I wrote "give" instead of "passing" for the word Podaję and I was marked right. Are these the same ???


Well, podać means to pass, and dać means to give. I can imagine saying "Daj mi talerz" instead of "Podaj mi talerz", it would definitely be less polite, but should have the same effect...


Understood. Thanks


Wasn't "podać" translated as "offer" in one of the other exercises?


Nope. Offer is oferować. Podać is either pass or serve.


there is rule to decide if to use "ci" instead of "tobie"?


Generally "tobie" is the emphasised version - and as such, only "tobie" could be put at the beginning or the end of a sentence (unless the sentence is like literally two words long, e.g. Dziękuję ci)

Actually "Podaję tobie talerz" seems quite okay to me, but "ci" is better.


Does podawać and podać take dative?


Dative for the person to whom you're passing the item, and Accusative for the item itself.


Can't "talerz" be translated as "dish"?


Yes, it actually can. Added now.


In the audio version of this exercise, I heard:

"podajecie talerz" - you are passing the plate

Not too sure how you would decipher between these two sentences, obviously context in real life.


I don't hear "cie" at all, I hear clear "ci"...


Obviously my green ear :)


Agreed. That is similar to how I initially interpreted what I heard. To me, the sentence sounded like it started with "podajcie." I wasn't very confident of that, even though I am listening through very good headphones. So I went back and tapped the "slow" version of the audio, which made it much clearer to me what the recording was saying.

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Is there a difference in the pronunciation of podaje in 1st person with accented e versus 3rd person without accented e ?


It depends on the speaker, but often there's no difference.



Could you say I am handing you a plate?


Yes, you could. It's accepted.


https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/podać gives podam as first person singular so I'm confused.


"podać" is a perfective verb, which by definition cannot be used in the Present Tense.

"podaję" is not a form of it, but of its imperfective equivalent "podawać".

"podawać" does not seem to have an entry in the English Wiktionary but it does in the Polish one: https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/podawa%C4%87#pl


Thanks, I was confused by the reference to "podać" in an earlier reply and did not spot that it did not have a present tense.


The fast audio of this question sounds like "odaje ci talerz".


I hear it fine in both the male and female audio.

But then, not hearing the initial P seems to be a very common problems among our learners, apparently it's just a different P from the one you're used to...


It's a problem I have a lot and I think that in English the beginning of a word is often stressed and you learn to identify words by their first letter. Whereas in Polish I often can hardly hear the first letter. (I had to look it up for English and most nouns take stress on the first syllable and most verbs don't - so we expect the start of a phrase to be stressed.)


I'm not good in phonology, but I think that English P is aspirated, so even just this sound is different. Surely the biggest problems our learners have are with word starting with P, not other letters.


First, thank you for all your help for us trying to learn. I agree p is the worst but I keep a list of ones I have problems with that includes (d)latego, (k)to, (k)tora, (r)adio, (w)tedy, (z)mienić and (s)prząta. Not all times and not all voices (and in any case I need to learn the Polish way of speaking). My high frequency hearing is poor (age) so that may be a factor.

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