"Is that a chicken?"

Translation:Est-ce un poulet ?

January 24, 2013

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poule is the term used for chicken the animal, poulet is for the meat.


I said "poule" and it didn't accept it.


I typed est-il un poulet? and apparently that's wrong, but I can't for the life of me think why. Anyone?


Because you basically asked if 'he was a chicken" I assume you could use it but only as an insult.


I'd forgotten about this one. Well, you can use "il" to mean "it", but I think I got mixed up with pronouns used as a presentative device and pronouns used with a complement eg:

"Voulez-vous du poulet? Il est trés bon"

That sentence seems fine to me. But I guess you would write "c'est un poulet". I always did have trouble with when you use c'est and when you use il/ils/elle/elles est. If anyone has a good guide, it'd be appreciated"


Here is a resource on the use of c'est vs il est http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa032500.htm


Ah thanks for that. I'll look at it properly tomorrow morning when I'm not tired from work, but from my quick glance now, I still can't quite work out when you use c'est and when you use il est. Or even why my answer above was wrong! I thought perhaps c'est is used exclusively as a presentative device with unmodified nouns (c'est un poulet, c'est une voiture, or whatever), and that's why I was wrong, but I can't see that listed as among the uses of c'est at that page.


I am beginner, but ce = that and est = is. With il = he, you are asking/saying is he a chicken?


what's wrong with "Est-ce que un poule(t)?" that's how I was taught to say it many years ago


I'm not a native speaker, but that looks weird to me. I think you'd have to write "est-ce que c'est un poulet?"


I've done some more research and what I get is, if you want to say "is it a chicken", that would be "est-ce un poulet" but to say "is that a chicken" is "est-ce que un poulet". the English that was given was the latter. My memory is of the teacher going around the room pointing to objects, "est-ce que une pomme?, Mais non, c'est une orange...ou, Oui, c'est une pomme. Likewise, Qu'est que c'est? C'est une pomme. N'est pas?

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    Can a native French speaker explain why it isn't "est-ce que un poulet"? The question was "Is that chicken?" not "Is it chicken?"


    I am not a native French speaker but I was told that "Est-ce que un poulet" is a nonsense. You just can't use Est-ce que + noun. Its no question at all. When using Est-ce que ... you have to have a verb. So it should be like "Est-ce que c'est un poulet?" to have it correct


    If "cet" and "ce" are both masculine and "cet" creates liason between between the vowels in "ce" and "un", wouldn't "cet" be accepted as correct and not "ce"?

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