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  5. "Bạn luyện tập nấu cơm."

"Bạn luyện tập nấu cơm."

Translation:You practice cooking rice.

April 26, 2016



Nau com may also mean cooking food in general


I totally agree. I'll go further saying I would think of food in general/meal before rice if being told about "nấu cơm" or "ăn cơm".

second point I want to mention, "luyện tập". practice is sometimes translated as "luyện tập", sometimes just "tập". from my own interpretation of it, "luyện tập" is having a practice that demands more determination, effort, concentration. "tập" seems more like a routine practice.


Cooking food shood be avalid option


Luyện tập approximates 練習pronounced in Cantonese.

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