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  5. "The thunder and the cloud"

"The thunder and the cloud"

Translation:Sấm sét và mây

April 26, 2016



Are classifiers not needed / don't exist for some set of nouns? Or can they usually be omitted? Or is it required but not included here because they haven't been formally introduced?


Because they haven't been introduced. Sorry about that.

Besides, classifiers for some weather phenomenons are a bit confusing so I may have to take a look at this set of classifiers later. (e.g. I found no clue in grammar book that says thunder in Vietnamese (sấm or sấm sét) require a classifier or not, but "cơn" is, arguably, the closest classifier for describing an ongoing phenomenon like rain (cơn mưa), thunderstorm (cơn giông), thunder (cơn sấm).)


Classifiers are for countable nouns. Neither thunder nor cloud is countable.

Technically, Sấm = thunder
sét = lightning

However, in Vietnamese Sấm & sét always go together. So for the English sentence above, "Sấm và mây" should be an acceptable translation.


Hi, please feel free to propose new interpretation of Vietnamese grammar for discussing. However, without a credible source, we can hardly come to an agreement regarding the use of Vietnamese language.

In this case, I argue that thunder (sấm) and cloud (mây) are uncountable but đám mây and cơn sấm are countable. cơn sấm is a bit rare to be seen in use but evidently đám mây is common.

On your suggestion, I agree "Sấm và mây" should be an acceptable translation.


We're on the same page. Just like in English, thunder is not countable, but "thunderstorms" is. I did misspeak that we do use clouds, so "clouds" is countable.

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