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  5. "I have gone to the park."

"I have gone to the park."

Translation:Dw i wedi mynd i'r parc.

April 26, 2016



Would "I went to the park" be correct here?


That is generally conveyed better by using the simple past tense, or by using the simple past tense of gwneud as an auxiliary:

  • Es i i'r parc (simple past of mynd)
  • Gwnes i fynd i'r parc (simple past of gwneud used as auxiliary)


Iawn, diolch. Could "Gwnes i" also be "Gwnais i", or is that a different tense?


Oddly enough, gwnais does not get used - gwnes i is the common colloquial form, as are des i, es i (from dod, mynd), but the more formal forms of each of them are quite different. On the other hand, it is quite common to hear people pronounce the -ais verb endings as /-es/.


OK, diolch. That helped a lot!


Taking this lesson at the park today!

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