"Er hört auf Zeitungen zu lesen."

Translation:He stops reading newspapers.

January 24, 2013

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Thank you kaiengle! It helps a lot! Just one thing I don't get. How do you get from "hören" - "to hear" just with adding auf "aufhören" - "to stop" - completely different meaning. I always try to find connections in meanings to better remember things, but I can't see any here.


As a separable prefix, why doesn't auf go at the very end: Er hört Zeitungen zu lesen auf"? Unless it is functioning both as a prefix (aufhören) and as a preposition?


Because of the missing comma :-) "Er hört auf, Zeitungen zu lesen". So the "auf" is at the end of the first clause.


Thanks KaiEngle u cleared things up for me.


Could it also be "Er hört Zeitungen zu lesen auf"? where 'Zeitungen zu lesen' is the object?


The translation "He's stopping reading newspapers" was not accepted. Now, that implies intent, which maybe the German doesn't (though I don't really know). But the suggested translation is strange. It's continuative, suggesting that he stops reading newspapers on a regular basis. Anyway, I think my translation should be accepted.

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