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  5. "Is he talented and nice?"

"Is he talented and nice?"

Translation:Ydy e'n dalentog a neis?

April 26, 2016



Why can this phrase be written as "Ydy e'n dalentog a neis?" and "Ydy e'n dalentog ac yn neis?"? Which one is more gramatically correct?


Hmm I don't know really, but I'd say that "Ydy e'n dalentog a neis?" is what comes more naturally to me.


Defnyddiais i "neis" mewn brawddeg am Canada yn Duolingo ac roedd e'n anghywir yn ôl y cymedrolwr - dywedodd e "braf" i "nice". Dw i ddim yn gallu en enill!


Isn't this a weird blend of N/S welsh? Ydy (instead of yw) and then e (instead of 'o') ? Or is one of them standardised?


I believe "Ydy" is always used for questions.


Yeah, it is. But in the south they often say 'yw' as a substitute for 'ydy'. I don't know if maybe you can't use 'yw' in a question, but I wouldn't know - I only use ydy haha


I actually think it's the other way around where in traditional Welsh "Yw" was for statements and "Ydy" for questions, which has been retained in the south but in the north we've moved on to using "Ydy" in all instances.


That's quite fascinating. But then, they still say 'mae' don't they - for statements?

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