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  5. "Dlaczego ona prowadzi?"

"Dlaczego ona prowadzi?"

Translation:Why is she driving?

April 26, 2016



Spoken like a real Saudi!


Or like any man who thinks that woman could not drive cars, thus fearing for their live on the passenger's seat. :D


I did respond correctly, but as an afterthought I wonder if prowadzi can be translated as "leading"? That's because I lead activities and when I'm in Poland I do use that word prowadzi for "leading".


Yes you are right. Prowadzić means to lead . But without any object or context, the sentence is more likely to be about driving a car.


also there is onother word for drive = kierować http://en.pons.com/translate?q=kierować&l=enpl&in=&lf=pl


Thank you. Now you remind me of kierować and the word kierowca (driver)


In my experience I more often hear this used as 'to lead'. Should this not be an acceptable answer?


It's perhaps not the first interpretation that comes to mind, but it's certainly possible. Added.


This really wouldn't cross my mind unless the context would make it very clear that it's about 'leading the team' or something like that instead of 'driving a car'. But yes, it's possible.


Yiddish has this, too: "firn" on its own means "to lead"; "firn an oyto" means "to lead a car" = "to drive a car". Somehow funny, as if the car was an animal... ;)


Just as in German führen. Upon reading your comparison, I too thought that someone would pull the car by a rope. :'D


Would (why she is driving) be possible also?.


to peter 138415. No that would not be correct. In English, to ask a question, you have to put the verb before the pronoun. Statement: She is cooking. Question: Why is she cooking? what is she cooking? where is she cooking? how is she cooking? Hope that helps.

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