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"La puerta principal"

Translation:The main door

January 24, 2013



I translated "la puerta principal" as "the primary door" and I was told my answer was incorrect. Is this not a correct alternative?


I did the same. The issue here is not gender, as the below comments make out, it's whether the word "primary" is an accurate translation for the word "principal". When I look it up in my Spanish-English dictionary, it is, but I think that dictionary is a bit liberal with synonyms so I'm not entirely sure.


I would report it. I believe it is indeed a correct translation, just one that the duolingo hadn't thought to program in.


No? Last I checked, the front entrance of a building is pretty much always called the "main door". Yes, the Spanish word "principal" can be translated as primary, but even if it's not incorrect to use here, the phrase "primary door" sounds stiff and unusual in English


I thought Puerto Rico meant Rich Port. Puerta and Puerto are two totally different words--not a feminine/masculine version of the same word.


You're both right and wrong here. Puerto and puerta are in fact feminine and masculine counterparts. Unlike niñ@ however it has nothing to do with sex. Puerto refers to a seaport or airport. Puerta refers to a door or gate... You don't need to be in MENSA to see how the two concepts are related.


Also other type of ports, like a usb port. :)


the second grade classes in my school are using Puerto Rico for our culture day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I suggest it is correct, maybe a little more formal. Also, I haven't researched, but isn't principal the head of the school, and principle is the main point or in this case "principle door", Does that make sense?


Principal can be both a noun (head of the school) and an adjective (first, or main). Principle is only a noun referring to a fundamental truth or basis.


Thanks for that explanation, I was a bit confused. I'm giving you a lingot. :)


No, that would be la puerta primaria.


I thought it meant "the purple principal"


It is. Primary and main are synonyms


I agree, entrance is incorrect!


It is a principle that you must enter through the main door.


why does "the principal door" not accepted? it says it is a choice in "principal"


I guess because no one actually says that. Literally, it means the same thing, but have you ever heard someone say "the principal door"?


Also, its not "principal door" because princiPAL is the wrong word. What you mean is "principPLE door." Hope that helps.


Actually, it is indeed principal (not principle, unless you are speaking of a door that has moral principles somehow, but that is not what the Spanish phrase implies).

Principal (in English) can mean main or primary, exactly like the Spanish word, in addition to the principal of a school.

Principle refers to a precept, rule, etc. The Spanish equivalent is principio.


I totally agree , in English English principal means main or primary .Principles are values, standards etc.


I answered "the main door" and it still said I was wrong


I think they fixed it- I got it correct


Why is "The main entrance" incorrect? I've never heard the phrase "The main door" in English.


sure, i missed one.. And how will you translate 'entrada' if 'gate' and 'entrance' are the same.


"Gate" is puerta in Spanish, the same as "door." Entrance is a different idea than a gate or door.


And then after, I get the question in the multiple choice form and realize what you meant... Entrance and gate/door are different in English, they should be different here too.


In Spanish, you have several options for gate.

To some extent the "proper" translation would be cancela. Why the quotes... well, cancela gives the idea of a fairly small thing, so it would only be a small gate, person size.

Then there are many words derived from "porta" (one of them puerta) that gives you different configurations for access gates:

Portón is perhaps the most used one as gate, this time car-vehicle sized. Portalón is normally a nautical term, but you see where it's going.

I assume you know Portal, which would be almost a synonym of zaguán and would go for the main entrance hall in a building or the hall/entrance in a house.

In some circumstances you will hear things like:

  • Abre la vaya/verja, which is lit. Open the "fence" (meaning gate). You're not expected to demolish it down (in most cases), but the gate. Common misuse


I don't think it's necessarily misuse. The gate is (usually) part of the fence. So when you open the fence, you also open the gate. Perhaps it's just idiomatic?


Principal also is the same in English, it means primary, main, most important....it should be accepted.


Poeta and puerta sound the same..Can one tell the difference


Also the front door? Or no?


Why isn't used the female form of principal?


The female form of principal IS principal. It is the same for both genders.


Now here is a brain buster. In another sentence that we had to translate, "Dogs are intelligent animals," Duolingo insisted the correct Spanish translation began with the definite article despite the English sentence not including it at all. In this example the definite article is inexplicably necessary for the translation to be correct.


When I first read this I thought it meant "the Door Principle" like a title.


Principle is principio. :)

I actually translate into Spanish in my head to make sure I spell principle/principal correctly in English. Lol


Who says "the principal door"...I would say "the main door"


Translated it as "the strong principal" before I realized this was Spanish and not English...


I literally just guessed that "principal" meant "Main" because I'm a retired ballerina and I know principal dancers are the main dancers I'm not exactly sure how those two things are correlated but I took a guess and woo! I got it correct. I don't understand how I did that at all so I'm pretty sure I didn't actually learn anything just now lol


Thank you for bringing my childhood school memories back. i always remember standing outside the principals door due to my mischievous nature, we got to talk a lot. Eventually we became friends. He is now my Father-in-Law.


I thought it meant "the purple principle"


I typed "La puetta prinsipal", and it was right.


I've put The main door for la puerta principal and it keeps telling me I'm wrong, and saying it means The main door which is what I've typed. Aaaaaargh


Is "the main entrance" accepted?


It corrected "principal" to "principle" - lol, the philosophic door?

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