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Answer does not appear to be in French

I was transcribing a sentence in French Level 1, 'La fille mange du pain,' and accidentally wrote 'manges' in the sentence instead. Duolingo wouldn't accept my answer, saying it didn't appear to be French. There was no way to report this as an error, either. I had to misspell another word to actually get it to tell me I was wrong.

January 24, 2013



"manges" is indeed French, but it does not match with 3rd person singular (la fille).

please note conjugation of verb "manger":

  • je mange, tu manges, il/elle/on mange, nous mangeons, vous mangez (polite singular or plural), ils/elles mangent.


Thanks, I realize my French was wrong. But it was French, or at least an attempt at it. It should be a perfectly acceptable wrong answer. This is really more of a bug report for the Duolingo development crew, since I couldn't figure out where else to file it. (With the "wrong language" message in place, there wasn't the usual menu that lets one report a problem with the question/answer that there is in other situations.)

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