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  5. "Quais são os seus critérios?"

"Quais são os seus critérios?"

Translation:What are your criteria?

January 17, 2014



Can't a translation also be "their" criteria?


This should be what is your criteria as this us singular.


'Criteria' is actually the plural form of 'criterion', just like 'data' is the plural of 'datum'. So technicall, the correct sentences in the singular would be "What is your criterion" or "what is your datum".

But in [american] english we often if not usually don't make the distinction. I agree that duolingo should accept 'What is your criteria' in this case. I entered it just to see if it would be accepted, guessing that it would probably be marked wrong.


It's already accepted.


This question is so unfair! When I got it in English, I was marked wrong for answering 'what are your criteria' (I used 'qual', rather than 'quasi').

So I get it again, this time in Portuguese, this time with 'quasi,' so I translate it as 'which' [the answer I had been told was correct] and was marked wrong again!


Perhaps there was a typo in the answer, but I think the reason it was marked wrong is because the plural of 'qual' is 'quais', not 'quasi'.


I would argue that although you can say "what are your criteria" grammatically it is also just as correct to say "what is your criteria." I would argue that 'criteria' is a collective noun just like data and can take a singular verb of being.


"quais" could be translated as "which"? "which are your criteria" is wrong?

[deactivated user]

    Why I can't say: Which are your criteria? Is it not appropriate in English?

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