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"The chickens"

Translation:Các con gà

April 27, 2016



In plural, what's the difference between CÁC and NGỮNG?


I think a translation would be Ngung = a plural indicator...like -s in english. Cac = every


I wrote "các con gà" and received the notification that both "các" and "gà" had typos. I'm using the Vietnamese layout on Windows 10 (not Telex). Does the system not recognize the non-Telex input correctly?


Just use Unikey to type proper Vietnamese characters. The Windows VN keyboard causes problems with accented letters. See các/các or á/á (á - correct; á - incorrect)


But it only happened on this particular question. When I used the same input method elsewhere, there was no message saying I had a typo.


Sorry, I don't use the Windows keyboard. May someone else help you?


I use the windows keyboard and I used to get typo notifications all the time, but now I don't: So, I think Duolingo is accepting my keyboard's characters now. I did not have a problem with this particular one either.


Perhaps Duolingo has recently fixed this issue. Happy studying, everyone! :)


I have the same issue and same situation. On my laptop at home I use the win 10 keyboard and get typo notifications. When I use the keyboard at the school where I am learning vietnamese, I do not get these. The school Keyboards use VNI.


See my other comment below. VNI and TELEX are just different typing methods. They don't contribute to the typing errors you made with the Windows VN keyboard.


i wrote con ga. how is that wrong ?


You forgot to add the falling tone mark for "ga" (gÀ, not gA) and the quantifier "những/các" for plural nouns. The correct answer should be "Những con gà" or "Các con gà". :)


Sometimes, it doesn't matter. My keyboard is US, so I can't do anything farther. Well, it accepts my answer if I wrote, "Cac con ga"


It should be correct, should it?


Is 'các' only used for animals? E.g. : "Các con ca" ( The fish ), "Các con gà" ( The chickens )


No. "Các" can also be used for plants and other things. For examples: CÁC ngôi nhà (houseS), CÁC cây táo (apple treeS), CÁC con dao (kniVES), CÁC bông hoa màu đỏ (red flowerS), etc.


How about 'con'?


The classifier "con" is used mostly for animals. e.g. CON gà (chicken), CON mèo (cat), CON chó (dog), CON ong (bee), etc.

However, "con" can also be used for other objects. e.g. CON dao (knife), CON trăng (moon), CON sông (river), CON tàu/thuyền (boat/ship), etc.

"Các" and "con" are not the same part of speech so you can't really compare them.

"Các" is a determiner used to turn a singular noun into a plural one. e.g: con gà (chicken) -> CÁC con gà (chickenS).

"Con" is a classifier used before a noun so that you can "classify" it based on its physical/non-physical appearance or quantity. e.g: CON gà to (big chicken); một CON ong nhỏ (a tiny bee), ba CON mèo (three cats).


Last question:

I would like to know what's the differenence between 'nhũng' and 'các'. They both are plurals, right? Can I know how to use and how to differentate it. Thanks. Cảm ơn.


You need to add either "các" or "những" right before an uncountable noun to turn it into a plural one. And for most cases, "các" and "những" are used interchangeably.

However, there are other cases that you have to choose between the two words. Those ones are so complicated that even native linguists still argue. :(

Anyway, feel free to ask a specific case when you can't decide which word to use. We'll try to explain it to you the best we can :)


"Cac" is so unnormal sounding. When Duolingo uses it, to me, I think of "cutting chickens".


Would "mấy con gà" be an acceptable solution?


Yep, "mấy" may fit in the phrase. However, try using "những/các" in order not to lose any point.


May con ga is translated to "some chickens" but I suggest using nhung/cac.


Nhưng con gà. Các con gà

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