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  5. "Tôi là mây."

"Tôi mây."

Translation:I am the cloud.

April 27, 2016



Does "mây" not get a classifier? Sincerely, the cloud


We were discussing this on the other post. There are a couple of things to note:

  1. We don't use a classifier for uncountable nouns.

  2. Mây/cloud is special because it can be both countable and uncountable. "On cloud nine" = uncountable. A dark cloud = countable. So it can go either way, with or without a classifier. If you want to use a classifier, use đám mây = a clumps of cloud.


The use or non-use of classifiers in Vietnamese does not exactly correspond to the use of articles in English.


"I am cloud" in a sense similar to "I am wind" or "I am spirit" may be infrequent but it is not idiomatic.


Hello cloud, I am the walrus. Let me tell you about the time I saw a fish bite a bicycle ...


Correction: not unidiomatic


This is nonsensical and not using the specific English article you wanted should not be marked as incorrect.


As you get deeper into the course it will become clear that DL's ideas on which articles to use in English do not always conform to English usage. As painful as it is to give DL what it wants, it is probably best to concentrate on learning Vietnamese rather than correcting DL's English.


Given that Duolingo relies heavily on translation, it seems impossible to separate "learning Vietnamese" from "having correct English." Just a thought!


... in trousers


Really? Is that a likely statement in Vietnamese? Should i go into a bar and announce that "I am the cloud"? We work hard to learn new words, and then we try to recall them. The recall process demands relevance and context. This sentence is absurd. It's like giving a Salvador Dali painting to a design engineer and asking him to guess the meaning. As I progress through DL I am getting increasingly annoyed with this sort of childishness. Why not ask for "Can you see the cloud?" "What colour is the cloud?" I am the cloud? Haiizze

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