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"Er wohnt immer alleine und hilft den Bauern."

Translation:He always lives alone and helps the farmers.

January 17, 2014



Interesting detail to pay attention to: this "den Bauern" is Dativ plural, rather than Akkusativ singular. Am I correct?

("Bauer" follows the "n-deklination", so the only way to tell is to know that "helfen" takes an object in the dative case.)


The two parts of the sentence don't really connect


"peasants" not correct for Bauern?


Peasant refers (IMRLE) rather to a (low) class of agricultural workers in pre-industrial society and feudalism, or at least it has a strong connotation with that meaning; that is probably why DL prefers farmer.


completely agree for the definition of peasants, but the word for them is still Bauern surely. Perhaps just that Bauer more normaly means farmer now and only peasant in particular contexts?


In German, you don't make that distinction. Both meanings use the same word "Bauern".


just noticed that if you mouse over Bauern in the title of this thread it gives you both farmers and peasants :-)


In chess a pawn is a 'Bauer'.


Is this a reference to something? lol


And Duolingo replaced my "incorrect" "peasants" with "humans". Does this make any sense?


No, peasants or farmers would be correct translations for "Bauern". Duo seems to be not happy with peasants (see above), but humans is definitely wrong.


I put "He has always lived alone and helps the farmers" but this was not acceptable.


This solution would seem to make more sense. To translate it as a present tense does sound awkward.

I also think it would be possible keep the same tense, but drop "immer" without radically changing the meaning.

This is DEFINITELY one of those examples where we need the context of the surrounding sentences to translate properly.


A. "He still lives alone and helps the farmers."?

B. "Immer, immer, wohnt er alleine und hilft den Bauern."?


Dem Bauern / den Bauern should both be correct. Tough to understand, even as a native speaker using headphones

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