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"I ragazzi scrivono a Babbo Natale."

Translation:The children write to Santa Claus.

January 17, 2014



Is "ragazzi" used for "children" in the general sense all the time? Or are there cases where "ragazze" could also serve this purpose? Is there an alternative word to use?


The masculine is used for mixed gender groups, while the feminine is only used for female gendered groups; this applies to every word, not just "ragazzi".


100% accurate response, except I believe, that ragazze, whilst referring to a group of girls, is not used as a word for children. It's always ragazzi. If you want an alternative, there is bambini, but that is really for very young children. Ragazze can also mean girlfiends! Ho una ragazza Italiana - means I have an Italian girlfriend. Stick to ragazzi for kids and you won't go wrong.


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