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"Sådanne brød spiser vi ikke her."

Translation:We do not eat such breads here.

April 27, 2016


[deactivated user]

    This should be :-

    • We do not eat such bread here.

    In English, bread is generally considered uncountable, at least that's how I have always considered it. If one really wants to keep plural, then it would have to be We do not eat such types/kinds of bread here.


    In english, it is completely acceptable to use "breads" to refer to types of bread. Therefore, the sentence makes sense as "we do not eat such breads here" because it's referring to not eating certain types of bread which you've alluded to


    You're right. Same goes for "fishes" to refer to more than one species of fish


    I was just thinking that, the only time I've ever heard anybody used bread in a plural sense is when english isn't their first language.


    Why is "such breads we do not eat here" not accepted?


    It doesnt make any sense in english


    But there is a similar sentence about fish and the given version is " such a fish doesn't drink beer". That's why I translated this one in similar way but it was marked as wrong


    Makes perfect sense in English but probably a phrase our recent ancestors may have used more..


    Both Stockwell and Conradie are correct. Most often bread is used by native English speakers as a not countalble item and is both singular and plural in form. Please pass the bread would be understood to be plural unless possibly there were multiple breads on separate plates. "Breads" is not normally used unless one is talking about multible kinds of bread; such as "these breads are all excellent." That said, however, the translation is very awkward as worded and not the way a native English speaker would phrase or state this. Stockwell gave a much better translation as to how a native English speaker would say this. I would suggest a different word order for the English answer to be more in line with how a native speaker would say this --- assuming that "Sadanne brød spiser vi ikke her" is how a dane would express this idea as well.


    How do you know bread is plural here? Is it because sådanne has an extra ne at the end?


    Indeed :-) The -ne at the end of the adjectives shows that it is plural.


    Oh Clever me I finally got something right. Thank you for your help


    such breads we do not eat here? Wrong?


    The D in sådanne, why isn't it a soft D?


    I think because it is between two vowels. I am curious about it too.


    I bet they are talking about garlic bread


    Danes can be very prohibitive about the types of bread you can eat or not

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