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"Le second chat mange la viande."

Translation:The second cat is eating the meat.

January 24, 2013



The way she pronounces "second" does not sound correct to me. Anyone else?


I listened to it again and it is right: [səGɔ̃]


It sounds far more like "sebon" to me. It can be so difficult to understand the audio sometimes. Words that I can understand with absolutely no difficulty when spoken by a real French person can sound like gibberish on Duolingo. :(


This was a big surprise for me!


But this sort of thing should really be addressed and stressed a lot sooner in the learning process... Not exactly a fault on Duo's part since the method of learning here is a bit different, yet when I took French at school this fact was not mentioned at all. I almost feel like I have to re-learn everything I though I knew about French pronunciation. I feel so confused.


Thanks, that was very helpful! It's tricky, though, since it isn't exactly the same in Québec, which is where I've been living for the past two months. The differences are slight, however, so the video really helps. And yes, Duolingo should provide more tips on pronunciation, especially since the robot voice we have can be difficult to learn from.


Thanks for posting that link. I am astounded that I have never come across this as a formal concept. This video has the concept so clearly systemized that I now know what I am listening-for in spoken French - particularly in cases where the post-consonant 'e' gets glided-over such as when je becomes j' and thus "je suis" becomes "sh'uis". That video is a must-see.

[deactivated user]

    is the G sound instead of C an exception for "seCond"? are there any other common exceptions?


    Yes, it is an exception (and for your info "ce con" = slang).

    In "le zinc" the C is also pronounced as a hard G


    Yeah it sounds like "segundo" from spanish just prunounced all french-like. And drop the -o since nouns dont end with those in french.


    I played this countless times on both speeds and had no idea that she was saying "second" it sounds far more like she is saying "sebon" .



    She not pronounces the D


    I agree... and I'm Belgian so we speak Dutch AND French...


    Why is this not deuxieme?


    Both are correct and interchangeable.

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    Hi. Do I understand correctly that "deuxieme" is both male and female form? However, for "second", it is male form, and "seconde" is for female form?


    Interchangeable? I don't know why I decided to learn another language, just that I havn't mastered English yet. (What does it mean)


    It means you can use both of them in the same way


    my question may be too basic, but shouldn´t it be "de la viande"?


    "la viande" with the definite article indicates that this meat is defined: the first cat eats the fish and the second cat eats the meat, in a scenario where 2 bowls were offered, for example.


    I thought she was saying sebonne or something. I couldn't get second out of that...


    I did not understand her at all...on either speed. "Second chat" was all kinds of garbled.


    Is some kind of idiomatic expression? You know what they say, "The second cat eats the meat!"


    Early bird gets the worm and the second cat eats the meat. Words to live by...


    I thought it was The second mouse gets the cheese.


    What is the difference between "second" and "deuxième?"


    Is it me or is it hardly possible to hear out the mange in the sentence? I have listened to it umpteen times and always seem to hear "nage" - which throws me off.


    Sounds like some cyptic proverb


    This is kind of off topic, but does viande refer more to red meat, or any meat in general because I know this is the case for some other languages.


    Is there any difference between when I should use "second(e)" and when I should use "deuxième"? If they are exactly the same, which one is more common?


    I think the general rule is that deuxième is for the second in a set of more than two, while second is usually used when there are just two things. I'm sure it isn't always like that, but that's usually how I've heard/seen them used.


    If you had read the whole thread, you would have found this:

    "Both are correct and interchangeable."

    What Andrew48 mentions is true, but I don't know many French people who know the rule or care about it.


    I was wondering if that was the case. Thanks for clarifying that.


    I am corrected by french friends when I use the wrong one!. If I said the deuxieme they would expect there to be more than two .


    Its not "second" its deuxieme


    In a cat race where the first prize is catnip and the third a ball of yarn?


    Bonsoir, My question (or word choice) revolves around when to use deuxième or second. Is this an interchangeable word in the above sentence? Merci


    "Second" is used when the total is two; "deuxième" is used when the total exceeds two. Since we have no context, either can work.


    Isn't it should be "mange de la viande"?

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