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  5. "Một thực đơn Mỹ"

"Một thực đơn Mỹ"

Translation:An American menu

April 27, 2016



Why is there an extra 'N' spoken at the end of the word "mot". It is clearly being pronounced as "mot-un"


Short for Mĩ Lợi Kiên, from Chinese 美利堅

  • Mandarin: Měilìjiān
  • Cantonese: méih leih gīn

The first character means ‘beautiful’.


Hmm, I ran Mĩ Lợi Kiên through Google Translate word by word and I got "noodles benefit glass". Oh well.


In Korean, America is miguk (미국) And Japanese, one way to say it is beikoku (米国)


I saw the original comment that this thread branched from and it lit a bulb in my head. I just looked it up, and sure enough, the Japanese back in the Meiji era wrote メリケン (which they thought was the name of the country) as 米利堅、very similar to the Chinese word for it.

Come to think of it, either the same misunderstanding happened in both China and Japan ("We are Americans"→"Oh, so you are from the country of... Meriken, eh?") or it just happened in one and the "knowledge" spread to the other subsequently.


Italy is my favourite. So simple... Ý.

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