"We do not have any cookies."

Translation:Nie mamy żadnych ciasteczek.

April 27, 2016

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This would work if the word was masculine and the nominative for 'one cookie' was "jeden ciasteczek" ;) But it's neuter, and well, this is how it declines. Maybe someone else can explain why.

On a side note: I don't get why the course authors chose "ciasteczko" as a translation for "cookie", I would simply use "ciastko" as it's the main form, ciasteczko is a diminutive - little cookie...


I think because ciastko is more ambiguous - could be also cake,

but then cake is also tort and ciasto,

and then ciasto is also pie and dough.


Well okay, sometimes ciastko can be used for 'kawałek ciasta', but I'd use it here anyway, as 'cookie' is definitely its first meaning.


cookies are always small


Not when I make them ;)


You are absolutely right, I am bothered by "ciasteczka" all the time. This is not used in Polish that often, it sounds ridiculous.


why not cziasteczkow


See Jellei's answer above.


I tak podejdź do ciemnej strony.


in Britain American cookie is a biscuit not a cake. I have yet to come across a satisfactory word for biscuit which is normally crisp while a cake is soft. Does Polish not differentiate. I believe American English uses muffin for a small cake


I would guess that Polish people usually know the word "cookie" for a general term "ciastko".

When I hear "biscuit", there's only one thing that comes to my mind: "biszkopt" (plural "biszkopty"). Mostly ones like these:


Well, sponge biscuits are just a very special kind of biscuits. Anyway, in Britain 'biscuit' is the standard word for what Americans call a cookie.

By the way, 'biscuit' is originally a French word meaning "cooked/baked twice". And the German 'Zwieback' (which is something different) means the same. I just found out that this word is also used in English (and in Polish it's spelled 'cwibak').


"Nie mamy ciasteczek" would be perfectly fine in reality but scre me i guess


Added the possibility to omit "żadnych".


Why not "zadnego ciasteczka"?


It is plural in English, why changeing to singular. Also it sounds a little bit off in singular.

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