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  5. "Cô ấy không đội mũ."

" ấy không đội mũ."

Translation:She does not wear a hat.

April 27, 2016



Earlier, one of the phrases required "môt" as ”a”. This time it does not. Why is that?


một is not an article, the translation of the indefinite a. you use it when you want to quantify an item as one. you won't use it when the number is not important. here, the information that really matters is just hat, the concept of hat, any hat. who cares about the number, there's none anyway. when you say "có ấy không đội một cái mũ", you can imply that she does not wear just one but many hats. if you insist on using một, you should then say "không đội một cái mũ nào", "không đội một cái mũ nào cả", "không đội cái mũ nào hết": doesn't wear any hat (at all).

as a final note, VNmese usually leave out "một" in negative sentences, but to be grammatically correct, an English countable noun needs an article when singular or should have its plural form.


I would also like to know this.


She does not wear hats (in a general plural meaning with no classifier, verb in present tense, not continuous đang) is the better option to me, but sadly not for DL...


She does not wear a hat is a wrong translation for cô ấy không đội mũ because 'a' stands for một


The "a" in Vietnamese is "một" but it is not for count, it just refer to "any one thing" that the speaker and the listener do not know already.


Are mặc, đội, and mang interchangeable?


not really... mặc is for clothing in general, đội for items on your head and mang especially for feetware and accessories


But "wear shoes" : "mang giày", not "mặc". Wear (v) : Mặc (clothes, underwear) ; đội (hat) ; mang (shoes, socks, glove) ; nịt (belt) ; thắt (tie, belt) ; đeo (glasses, mask, tie)...


Shouldn't "She isn't wearing a hat" be accepted?


I think that would be "cô ấy đang không đội mũ" (đang is the 'continuous' particle)


The other way around: cô ấy không đang đội mũ


no đang at all. if she doesn't wear any hat, there is no action in progress, she just doesn't do it.


Why is "the hat" not accepted?


there is no specificity about which hat in VNmese.


I feel like there is a lack of consistency in the answers, even within just the clothing module.


Làm sao để học lại từ đầu khi cùng một emeo

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