"Dw i'n hoffi'r eliffant a'r arth."

Translation:I like the elephant and the bear.

April 27, 2016



It marks "the elephant and bear" as incorrect (rather than "the elephant and the bear), but this is what I'd naturally say as a native English speaker. It caught me out.

January 26, 2017


Yes, you're right. In English we tend to drop that second "the" without loss of meaning. We can't do that in Welsh becuase if we dropped the "the": Dw i'n hoffi'r eliffant ac arth then it would mean "I like the elephant and a bear". You should report it.

February 13, 2017


Why specifically "the elephant" and "the bear" rather than "elephants and bears?"

April 27, 2016


We may never know why Duo likes that particular elephant and that particular bear, but in general:

  • yr eliffant a'r arth - the elephant and the bear
  • eliffantod ac eirth - elephants and bears
  • yr eliffantod a'r eirth - the elephants and the bears
April 27, 2016


For a second, I thought it said slow elephant (eliffant araf), as opposed to elephant and bear (eliffant a'r arth).

December 26, 2016
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