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  5. "Vi sover."

"Vi sover."

Translation:We are sleeping.

April 27, 2016



In English "sober" means "you are not drunken." and calm down. (much better than getting tipsy.) Did "sober" derive from sover in Danish?

[deactivated user]

    Etymology of "sober":

    From Old French sobre, from Latin sōbrius, from se- ‎(“without”) + ebrius ‎(“intoxicated”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁egʷʰ- ‎(“drink”).

    Etymology of "at sove":

    From Old Norse sofa, from Proto-Indo-European *swep- ‎(“sleep”).

    The answer is no.


    suprisingly it only registered my "sover" and not my "vi"! kinda happy it could get that as i was having big trouble fitting my mouth around it.

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