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Die, der or das Nutella?

I hear this is a common argument in Germany (or at least that's what my old teacher told us). So what do people think? Die, der or das Nutella?

I’m on the die camp! My only argument is that chocolate, hazelnuts and nut butter are all feminine words (I think).

April 27, 2016



So I did a bit of research, and it turns out that the gender of brand names are determined by what they are.

"The text is about the rules for determining gender used with brand names, such as Nutella or Nivea. The basic rule is that brand names take the gender of the product itself.

This means that Colgate is die Colgate because it is die Zahncreme (and die Zahnpasta).

Kleenex is das Kleenex, because it's das Papiertaschentuch.

So to work out the gender of a brand name, you need to know the German for the type of product it describes!"

But, even though 'nut butter' is feminine many people say "Das Glas Nutella ' because they are trying to avoid the dispute and not ask for nutella, but for the nutella container.

I'm inclined to go with 'Die'


It's also der Brotauftstrich, even though I say either die or das Nutella :'D I think I read somewhere that if you aren't sure, going with the indefinite 'das' is the best option, as it's never wrong as it's neuter.


The German word for this feminin thing that you called "nut butter" is: "die Nussnougatcreme".

But to put this in relation. It is "der Brotaufstrich" and "das Nutellaglas". Two equally normal ways to refer to the kinds of "nutella".


Ah I see! Didn't even think about das Glas Nutella. In English I'd usually say something like 'can you pass me the Nutella?' but I do occasionally say 'can you pass the jar of Nutella?'. I understand why people are divided on these things! Now I really want some Nutella...


Usually I say das Nutella. Sometimes die Nutella. Der Nutella sounds utterly wrong. Honestly I didn't give it much thought until now why it is like it is :-D


Yup, das oder die. Never der ;-)


Very good observation.


Ferrero has given an official statement that you can find on the German Wikipedia site: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nutella#Genus_.E2.80.93_der.2C_die_oder_das_Nutella

Basically, Nutella is a brand name and not intended for use with an article. In the end, everyone can use whatever article they want - none of them is wrong.

Personally, I tend to use "das Nutella". Don't know why, that's just what sounds most natural to me.


The producer of Nutella solved the case: according to Ferrero, it's just Nutella, without any article. :)


But how wrong sounds only "Gib mir Nutella?" There's something missing for German ears, as everything has an article :D

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If you said "gib mir bitte Nutella", it would be okay for my German ears. ;-))


That sounds like an order: Nutella her, oder es knallt! I would say das (gib mir 's Nutella)


I'm pretty sure it is 'die' Nutella

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The gender of Nutella is not set officially, so you can choose the article freely. Some time ago my colleagues and I discussed it. Some prefer "die" and some "das". "Der" is not very common. I prefer "das".


I would never say 'die" Nutella, for me, as a native German, it is "das" Nutella.


Next level: Ketchup; der, oder das? Get the popcorn!

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